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“Fist Full of Podcasts is hands down the finest comedy podcast for my money, even though it’s free. The show has a very casual, laid back vibe, but is consistently funny. The humor ranges from nerdy, to the neurotic, to the low brow, and all of it is solid. David (the host) brings a range of topics to the table and he and his various co-hosts break them down (or go off on tangents only marginally related, but still entertaining). There are also a few bonus episodes where David interviews special guests (usually folks involved in the world of H.P. Lovecraft), which are also entertaining and informative. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this show, so go ahead and download all the episodes. You will be glad you did.” -Dominic Covolo

“He sounded very listen-able” -The Milk Bar (referring to David’s voice)

High praise from fans but you be the judge, thanks for stopping by and listening to FFOP, we’re glad to have you!


3 Responses to About FFOP

  1. Manessah says:

    I work with David’s mom she got me to start listening to FFOP. When she first mentioned it I kept saying I would but didn’t because I don’t like lying and if she asked me how the show was I didn’t want to break it to her that it was shity. I mean EVERY MOM thinks their kid is just so amazing. But one day she basically forced me to listen to it & WOW was I laughing so hard. I couldn’t believe some of the shit you guys were talking about it was hilarious (probably even funnier because we were in an office supposed to be being professional employees). Since then I got a pair of headphones and now people just look at me like I’m a crazy lady for laughing at nothing. LOL. Well just wanted to tell you guys I love the show its funny! & thank your mom she tells everyone about your show if there is a new student she is guaranteed to mention how hilarious her son’s show is. lol. She is one of your biggest FANS!

    Also I’m not sure if you’ve heard about a “shewee” but maybe something to talk about on the next show. 🙂

  2. Anders says:

    *In language slave from Battlefield Earth-voice*

    Excuse me…

    The Reviewniverse episodes seem to have disappeared from the server.
    Is it possible to restore them, I You forgive my pretention?

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